Saw a beautiful picture of the dog Dennis. Read up about him, filled out adoption profile, next day met up with the foster parent. Dennis took to me the moment I walked in with my other dog, and they bonded instantly… and so did I.

We love our new buddy… so we changed his name to Buddy.  He is funny and leaps like a kangaroo, barks at the big dogs next yard, plays in the backyard, and I take both of my dogs for a walk when it isn’t raining. Buddy loves to go places in the car with my son or myself, with my other dog, and sits in the middle like a kid.  No more crates and cages; he has a home, and he loves his rawhide bones.  He sleeps like a rock at the bottom of my feet or my son’s feet. When he hears a sound, he’s up in a flash. He now runs after a frisbee and a ball in the yard.

Everyone just loves and adores him. He is a blessing and loves my cooking, too. Little Bit and Buddy have become good friends, and they play and run all day long until they get tired and ready to sleep the night away.  When morning comes, it’s off to the back door we race to train to go outside…time and patience goes a long way when an animal needs a good loving person and home to feel loved in their hearts…”God’s animals — treat them with kindness.”

Dennis now Buddy