In early August, 2018 we decided it was time to start looking for a companion for the young cat we’d adopted from Tiny Lions in April. We were not entirely sure who we’d find, but when we visited HSHV, we learned that there were a number of “Legacy Adoptions” available who had come from the Augusta Township hoarding situation. Satai (formerly Doris Lessing) was one of these. As we met many cats that afternoon, we kept coming back to this beautiful and imperious creature, who clearly needed love and also clearly had much to give. We knew she wouldn’t necessarily be the easiest cat to acclimate, nor was she be the type of friend we originally had in mind for our other kitty, but she also felt so right. We brought her home the next day and began the process of introduction and adjustment. The first few months had their challenges, and we relied on a lot of great advice from the HSHV Cat Behaviorist, but Satai is now very much part of our family, and she and her adoptive sister Ishii get along well — they are both so gorgeous, we knew they’d have to be friends eventually! Every day I’m thankful we found each other and that we brought this weird and wonderful animal in our lives!

Doris-Lessing now Satai