My dog, Buster, had to be put down due to uncontrollable seizures the night before. My husband, Rick, refused to be in the house without a dog, so off to HSHV! When we got to HSHV all the dogs were very noisy except this one, who was curled up on her pillow and blanket. She was shaking so badly and was so very quiet and sad. She had just come up from the Tennessee Love Train and was scared to death. We took her on a quick walk in the snow, and we were hooked. We brought her home and it took her about a day to begin acting like a “dog”. Now you wouldn’t recognize her as the same dog we brought home. She is still scared of many things, but now is very happy. She was a big comfort to my husband as he was dealing with his illness this past year; and for me when my husband passed away last November. I am very grateful and thankful for HSHV. Since Babe’s adoption, we adopted a cat and my son adopted 2 dogs.

Espresso now Babe