Millie was adopted on January 11, 2010 from HSHV. My husband and I walked past her kennel and noticed that she only had three legs, and instantly fell in love. She was full of wiggles and kisses.

We didn’t know what to expect adopting a three legged dog, and thought there would be some limitations to what she could do. From the moment we brought her home and she ran up a flight up stairs and jumped straight into bed for cuddles – she surprised us! She ran faster and jumped higher than her four-legged brother ever could. She will be turning 14 years old this year and she continues to surprise us. We never believed a three-legged dog could do so well for so long. If it weren’t for the grey on her face, you’d never know she was a senior dog! We love her so much and are so grateful we got to adopt her from HSHV!

Fantasia now Millie