I adopted Sasha (formerly Felicity) May 30th. I had started volunteering at HSHV in February and she was one of the first dogs to catch my eye, but I wasn’t ready for a dog yet. When she was still there in May I knew I had to adopt her. I had originally planned on keeping her name, but it was a mouthful and she wasn’t very responsive to it. Over the past couple of months she has definitely come out her shell; she’s very playful (loves to be chased), loving, affectionate and will demand pets. Most of the time when we’re home she’s right up next to me and she will gladly cuddle with my friends/family. She’s always down for chilling on the couch but also does great walking for a few miles. I’ve introduced her to my parents’ dog and my sister’s dog and she did pretty well! She is my first dog on my own and I couldn’t imagine a sweeter dog!

Felicity now Sasha