In 2015, I was diagnosed with a series of chronic illnesses that completely turned my world upside down. Over the following years, I noticed my independence slowly declining. It was then that my doctors recommended a Service Dog.

I looked at programs online, but since I am not a wheelchair user, I was exempt from many programs, and the ones I did qualify for were many hours away. So, I took a different approach, and hired a highly intuitive dog trainer to help me on my path.

After about 3 months of searching for the right dog, and many misleads, my trainer finally found Fenway (now called Finley). She tested him to see if he could have the potential to be my Service Dog… he passed with flying colors. I got the call the following morning that she had found me a dog. When I found out he was at HSHV, I rounded up my boyfriend and we drove to meet Fenway for the first time. Looking through the cage, I saw for the first time the dog that could change my life for the better. I cried many happy tears on that day.

In the following months, Finley was trained to do a variety of tasks to help me with my Disabilities and to behave in public. I learned beside him, and if I’m being honest, I think I was the slow one in the learning process. He excelled at Service Dog training, and you could see his genuine curiosity in all situations he encountered. After extensive training, he officially became my Service Dog.

Today he stands beside me as my caregiver and best friend. His goofy personality lights up even the worst of days. His curiosity encourages me to see the world differently. His loyal companionship shows me what love truly means. He has given me my life back, and I have the HSHV to thank for that. He truly is my Lucky Fin.


Fenway now Finley