After rescuing our first dog together, my husband and I knew we wanted to rescue again once we were ready for a second dog. We thought there was no way we’d get as lucky as we did with our first dog, Wesley, in terms of size and temperament, but boy were we proven wrong!

As soon as I saw Willow, I knew she was going to be perfect for our family. She rolled over and immediately wanted a belly rub. She wasn’t overly excited or too shy. She just wanted to nuzzle up by you and give you so much love. This couldn’t be more true today, now 9 months after rescuing her. Wesley has become such a great big brother to her, and Willow loves being a little sister. We get comments all the time asking if they’re siblings since they look so much alike. We could not have found a better fit for our family and are so happy to have provided another dog a loving home.

Fiona now Willow