I had lost my beloved orange barn kitty and I was checking in weekly at HSHV. While touring the cat condo I heard outdoor meowing! The staff told me that was their “outdoor cat.” Surprised, I went to see a very vocal Siamese mix. I talked to the supervisor and found out that they were trying to bring “Frodo” in.

I explained that I had lost my 2 barn kitties at 19 and 20 years. That they wanted for nothing, had heated beds and heat lamps plus heated wet food. He said that he’d keep trying to bring in the cat but if they didn’t settle down when inside, that he would call me. It seemed that poor Frodo had been dumped. His ignorant owner had had him declawed ON ALL 4 FEET! Kitty was neurotic and fearful. It took years of gentle work and now SamWise the Brave has been transformed into my purring lap, barn cat!

Frodo now SamWise the Brave