I remember the day as a 17 year old, when I was in my study hall at school and looking at HSHV’s website. My chocolate lab had passed away a few days before Christmas. I was just looking because my family loves animals. I saw Gabby (Ellie) and fell in love, and I called my parents that second while I was in class. Once I’d begged my parents, I called HSHV. Gabby had a long list of people waiting to meet her. She’d had heart surgery just a few weeks prior. I finally got the call because people were too afraid to adopt her because of her previous surgery. My family has had so many animals that we weren’t worried – we could handle it. Andif she did pass at a young age, we knew we would give her a great life.

Just a few months ago, she went in for her check up EKG and she is amazing and all healthy! This dog is the love of my life. She gets along with our horses, cats and all the family members as well. We love her so much and couldn’t be more grateful.

Gabby now Ellie