Hi – My name is Scooter (when I lived at the shelter, I was called Garth). I have a new home now, and I’m settling in well. At first, I was kind of scared – I even hid behind the couch. But my new family helped me feel safe and comfortable. They take good care of me, including giving me yummy salmon treats. My dad even built this great climbing/lounging/scratching tower for me that you see in the picture. I like to sit on it and look out the window. My family tells me it’s a difficult and scary time in the world, but that having me here makes them feel better. I’m not sure why that is, but if people feel better because they pet my head and rub my tummy, that’s okay with me. My new family tells all the time that they’re glad I’m here with them (and also that I’m very sweet and handsome).

Garth now Scooter