Lost & Found Line: (734) 661-3545

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    1. Did you find the dog within Washtenaw County, Plymouth or Northville City (HSHV’s service area)?

    If you found the animal outside of HSHV’s service area, please contact your local stray holding facility; here is a list of other SE Michigan animal holding facilities.

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    2. If yes, and you wish to bring the dog to us, please read this first

    Call our Lost & Found line at 734-661-3545. If you’re not bringing the dog to HSHV, please take the animal to a vet clinic so that s/he can be scanned for a microchip, and hopefully an owner can be found. A vet can also determine age, sex and breed, helpful in completing a report.

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    3. Please complete a found report.

    Accuracy is crucial; a wrong breed or color can lead to a missed match!

    Dog Breed List (Petfinder)

    Your report will be sent to our Intake Department. Please allow 24 hours for it to appear on our website. It will expire after 90 days; to extend, call (734) 661-3545.

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    4. Please look at “Dogs Reported as Lost.

    These are the reports owners file when their animal goes missing. Though we’re checking for matches, it is very helpful if you check, too.

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    5. Have questions, spot a match, or want to follow-up?

    Call us at (734) 661-3545.