When my husband and I started dating, we always wanted two dogs. We went looking for dogs, even before we knew we were fully ready for one. After we got married in July of 2016, we really started looking. It became a difficult process as dogs we found online were already adopted by the time we could meet them. One random day, my husband asked me if I wanted to go furniture shopping for our new home and I countered his offer by saying we should check out HSHV. We found our sweet Angus in a kennel and knew he needed to come home with us. I was hesitant about having a pit bull mix, but HSHV coached us on how to be an advocate for the breed. Angus and his now late kitty brother shared three great years together, but after the cat’s death, we knew our Angus needed another sibling. We spent 2020 debating on who would match with our stubborn, type A dog who loves to sleep all day on anything warm and cozy. He needed someone who could handle rough play, but could also melt by the fireplace at night. Finding another dog required patience and timing.

In December of 2020, we browsed the kennels at HSHV. We found this mellow dog who loved to just sit and people watch. We took Mr. Brown out for a walk and after a lap around the property and we knew he needed to meet our Angus. The two became BFFs right away. We decided to take Mr. Brown home for a pajama party. We loved that HSHV offered this to us, so we could see what our home life with two dogs would be like. Angus quickly showed Mr. Brown the zoomie route to take in our yard. My husband and I knew within 20 minutes of our pajama party we were going to adopt Mr. Brown. Within 24hrs, I had signed the papers and Mr. Brown became Jarvis. We are so thankful to HSHV for helping my husband and I find our fur children. Angus and Jarvis bring so much joy to our lives and we would be incomplete without them.

Gibberish now Angus and Mr. Brown now Jarvis