About three months ago, we were looking for a second dog to keep our 5 year old Love Train puppy company. His older “brother” had passed a few months before that, and he seemed to be lonely without another doggy companion. We brought Jack (our black lab mix) to meet a few of the fuzzy babies at HSHV. After a couple of indifferent introductions, he saw Gunner (the anxious, enormous, husky-malamute mix), and let us know that he was the one. So we stuffed them both (200 lbs of dog) into the backseat of our car, and off we went. And we are so glad we did!

Our boys aren’t completely inseparable, but they do love to hang out together. The bed has become very small. Fionn is such a sweetheart. He loves loooooooong (and very fast!) walks, snuggles, squeaky toys, and belly rubs. He will in fact yell at you, as only a husky can, if you stop with those rubs before he has dismissed you. Or if you aren’t getting your shoes on fast enough to get the walk going, already. Or if you are eating a cucumber and are not sharing. Or kale. Or ANYTHING else. We have not found a food he will refuse. Luckily, he’s even agreed to eat kibble, finally. And his weight is getting closer to his target, thanks to all of those long walks – although my legs are perpetually tired.

Gunner now Fionn