Three years ago I checked HSHV site and only one Pomeranian, a 10 year old female, was shown. I went to the shelter the next day and met Happy in the office. She was a barker and needed to be away from other dogs, liked leisurely walks and was a good traveler according to the previous caretaker. She also had a heart murmur and needed dental care. I asked to walk her and she sped around the area, glad I am a fast walker. She came home with me and she is a charmer. She has several volunteer caretakers who think she is the queen. A vet cardiologist found her murmur was no problem and an animal dentist took care of her teeth. She had 2 micro chips and I found she was a year older than first believed, but for a nearly 14 year old dog she still zips on walks and meets a few neighbor dogs without a problem and IS a good traveler.

Happy now Sierra