It can be overwhelming when you come to the shelter looking for a cat or kitten to adopt. You may wonder what kind of feline will work best for your home, and how to tell which cat might fit that bill. Following a few general rules can help make that decision for you!

  • Genetics, history, and socialization all play a part in who a kitten or cat is, or who they will be when they grow up. All cats have had different experiences throughout their lives that help shape who they are, so be prepared to offer lots of great socialization, playtime, enrichment, and love when taking them home. Kittens and young cats need a lot of playtime; they can become rambunctious and mischievous if they become bored, so make sure that you’re ready for that.
  • Many of the adult cats in our care have some history from a previous owner that will give insight into who they are in a home. Don’t let that shy cat in the cage fool you! They may have been confident and high energy in their home, and this will likely be true in your home, too.
  • If you’re looking for a calmer cat, look at an older cat. Cats can remain in adolescence until the age of five, so it can be safer to pick an older cat if you’re looking for a cat who’s a bit more laid back.
  • Avoid gender stereotypes. Remember, sociability and interest in play can be a result of their upbringing, not their gender. If you’re looking for a specific personality, don’t discount a cat based on gender; you might be missing out on a great opportunity!
  • When picking a cat to befriend your cat at home, the most important piece of advice (outside of previous experience with cats) is to match personality and energy level. Adopting a kitten for your 15-year-old cat can cause a high level of stress but adopting a kitten for your 1-year-old cat could be perfect!

Overall, let your heart lead you, but try to keep these few tips in mind as you search for your new feline friend!