Ann Arbor, MI (April 3, 2024) – Puppies who get Parvovirus have, on average, about an 9% survival rate. But at Ann Arbor’s Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) right now, their survival rate is 100%.

The Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) recently implemented a groundbreaking advancement in the treatment of Parvovirus (parvo), a highly contagious viral illness that affects dogs, particularly puppies.

“Parvo is a deadly disease that sends animal shelters and families alike into terror. Having to euthanize baby dogs or watch them die from this devastating disease takes a toll on everyone,” says Tanya Hilgendorf, HSHV’s CEO. “So for years, we’ve been putting in the time and expense to treat them with round-the-clock, labor intensive care. And even that hasn’t been 100% successful, sadly. So we are thrilled with what we’re experiencing with this new treatment by Elanco.”

Elanco’s Canine Parvovirus Monoclonal Antibody (CPMA) treatment received a conditional license by the USDA in May 2023, and HSHV ordered it in June. It’s currently the only treatment available for parvo and can be given to dogs and puppies at least eight weeks old who test positive.

“Largely due to the implementation of this single-dose intravenous drug and treatment protocol,” says Dr. Courtney White, Vice President of Veterinary Medicine at HSHV, “we are thrilled to report that we have a 100% survival rate for parvo cases in 2024. It’s not inexpensive, but when one considers the cost of 24/7 care, with fluids, feedings, medications, and support—not to mention the emotional toll for an unpredictable outcome—the cost of this new treatment seems worth it.”

Parvovirus is a devastating disease that primarily targets the gastrointestinal tract of dogs, causing severe vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and in many cases, death, especially among unvaccinated adults and puppies. Parvo is highly contagious and remains a significant concern for animal shelters across the country, with outbreaks posing a substantial threat to dogs.

“This new treatment offers so much new hope; since this treatment began, we’ve helped 11 puppies who’ve had parvo, and they’re all thankfully alive and well today,” Hilgendorf says. “While 11 may not seem like a lot compared to the thousands we take in, we believe each individual is worth saving.”

“We are so grateful to the donors, volunteers and staff who make this possible, keeping our shelter at the forefront of innovation in helping animals in their people,” Hilgendorf adds. “The implementation of this groundbreaking treatment reflects our unwavering commitment to safeguard the well-being of animals in our care, mitigate infectious diseases, and improve overall outcomes for all.”

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