Josephine was adopted by my mom, Tina Smith, months after her beloved husband and soulmate died. We were an animal family: cats, dogs, horses and the assortment of rodent-type pets. Josephine replaced a former version of herself who died from jaw cancer, causing heartbreak to my mom and her husband. So when 2013 became lonely, my mom was talked into going to the humane society with her granddaughter to pick out a cat.

Josephine’s last 18 months had been in the shelter. She hit pay dirt with my mom, and I doubt it took her long to figure that out. A big sun room with lots of plants to hide in and lots of rays to soak up. There was plenty of upholstery to curl up on and sleep. My mom called her to sleep on her big, mattress-warmer bed. Josie loved sleeping in it. She had her own down pillow to start her night but by morning, she had navigated to my Mom’s feet. Within the next two years, my mom used a walker to get around, and Josephine sat on the seat as my mom walked around her condo. It was a wonderful vision.
The shelter told my mom she was a one animal household only so I didn’t replace my Oscar when he died at 17, knowing Josephine would probably outlive my mom. In 2016, this proved true. Josie moved from Ann Arbor to the Navajo Reservation for the next couple years. We recently moved to my house in Sarasota where my mom’s scent gave Josie lots of sniffing time. We are a team, but my mom and Josephine really loved each other as only soulmates do!


I think she was formerly named Joseph? Now Josephine