Who and what is Feral Kitty Trappers TNR?

FKT started with a focus on TNR and the overpopulation of cats and evolved into TNR + rescue and adoptions. FKT is 100% volunteer based and spent over $100,000 this past year on veterinary services for cats.

What got you started in TNR?

A momma cat had kittens under my deck on my first day of retirement, I was able to get them sterilized through help at HSHV and Pawsibilities back in 2008. On my first day trapping I was able to trap 6 cats in under 15minures through helpful advice.

How many cats have you TNR’d?

About 5000 adopted out another 1000+

Of all the cats you’ve trapped, which one do you still think about the most?

So many, one that comes to mind is a family of all black cats in Macomb, 1 mom and 4 kittens, the kittens have 2 outdoor litter boxes they use, one is on the porch, the other is a sandbox protected by a small gazebo structure.

What is your preferred bait type?

Tuna and water, oil drowns out the scent. I use a small bait trail leading them into the trap.

Do you have any pre-trapping rituals?

Nope, just have all my supplies ready.

What is your trick for trapping, hard to trap cats?

Trap training / regular & drop trap. I use carabiners to fasten the trap doors open so that it is unable to go off. This gives the cats time to get used to the trap with no negative consequences. Caretakers can feed out of a disengaged trap for a few days before setting the trap for TNR.

What can people do to increase awareness for TNR?

Mention when they see cats, the Nextdoor App can help to get neighbors involved.

If you were to start over again, building a non-profit focused on TNR, what advice would you have for yourself, knowing what you know now?

Reach out to people with experience and equipment, make sure you have all the equipment. Lots of traps, pee pads, food.

How can People support Feral Kitty Trappers?

Wet kitten food (fancy feast) and monetary donations – https://www.feralkittytrapperstnr.org/donate/