I was on the waitlist for the Love Train, to adopt another dog as a companion for my 6-month-old female beabull (beagle/bulldog mix). I checked the HSHV web page daily to see adoptable puppies. I hit the jackpot with Remi, a Love Train puppy who was adopted but returned after 2 weeks because he “could not be potty trained!”

I immediately went and visited Remi and adopted him that day! He was having trouble holding his urine even after he had just pottied outside. I knew this was not normal, and took him to the vet. It turns out he had a urinary tract infection and could not hold his urine. He is now on medicine and is doing GREAT at potty training!! He is also best buddies with his big sister!! Remi is on the left in the picture, a 3 month old pit/terrier mix.

Jasper now Remi