JK Rowling, now known as Khloe, has made her mark in this home after a warm bath, pedicure, blow dry, brushing and warm food. She’s purring and approves of her two story, 1400 square foot home she now reins.

All hail, Queen Khloe!

She’s majestic; she’s funny; she’s quite the cuddle queen!

She also is vocal; she now calls for me when I leave the room which tells me she is just as in love with me as I am with her.

She’s made her mark in our home with her majestic stance and poise. She knows what she wants, and the moment she came home it was as if she knew this were her calling.

Khloe came from a sad past, and was in and out of the shelter. I can’t even imagine the emotional pain of abandonment she might have felt. That alone breaks my heart. But Khloe is forever going to be here as we all know life gives us challenges, and together, Khloe and I will conquer all with love and togetherness.

xo xo


J.K. Rowling now ? KHLOE