Juju now Purrcy

Hello! This is Purrcy, our lil rag tag kitty cat. Earlier this year, I went to HSHV looking for a special kitty – someone who could get along with the most bratty of older cats – and I found him on the first go. Having just gotten out of surgery, he was a bit wobbly, but it was easy to see his personality shine through. After bringing him home, he quickly became besties with our pupper, Delilah, and it’s been a slow journey but he and our 10 year old kitty, Elphaba, now actually play and lay near each other! We can’t imagine a life without our little spitfire. He still has a lot of kitten energy, so he loves to play in water and mess with pretty much anything he can get his paws on – but he is genuinely the sweetest guy we could have ever gotten. We love him so much and we love the team here. ♥️