We were going to adopt 1 kitten…and the family who walked in before us adopted the one we had our eye on. I was expecting to leave that day without a kitten, but we looked around anyway and I found the cutest, most playful kitten! He let me just hold him and give him all the kisses. But we still weren’t sure. My husband was playing with the other kittens in his litter and found one he really liked. But we were only going to get one! Well, that lasted for about 5 minutes before we decided to adopt two: Charles and Erik, our x-men. This was over 4 years ago, and I couldn’t imagine our lives without them. They have such different personalities, but they complement each other so perfectly. Erik is very chill: he lets you hold him like a baby, always wants to cuddle you, and is so gentle. Charles is the complete opposite! He only cuddles when he wants to, but when he does they are the best cuddles ever. He is feisty and his favorite time of the day is mealtime. Charles is our built-in alarm clock, because how dare we sleep through his breakfast! They love to be a part of everything that we do – if we are in the kitchen, they are on the countertop. If we are in the bathroom, they are waiting for us to get out. If we are at the table eating, they are on the table too. They are both so friendly, and they love when we have guests over because it’s more people to love on them. They are the best cats and our lives are better for having them in our family.

Lawrence & George Weasley, now Charles & Erik