Our stance on hunting.

HSHV takes no stance on consumptive hunting for food if animals are not experiencing unnecessary torture or suffering.  We fully recognize that animals hunted for food in the wild generally live much better lives than those raised in factory farms and that industrialized agriculture is doing great harm to the environment and human health.

We are strongly opposed to the torturing or killing animals simply for fun or financial reward, such as with trophy hunting and wildlife killing contests.  We are also opposed to fur trapping, now illegal in many states and countries, as trapping does cause extended suffering and fur is not a necessity, but is sold as a luxury or decorative item.

Further, HSHV is against the classification of animals as “nuisance animals” who are not a threat to health or safety, but simply because they have become an inconvenience to humans.  We do not support killing or culling of healthy backyard wildlife and do not believe culling in densely populated communities qualifies as hunting.  We strongly encourage peaceful co-existence through nonlethal strategies to prevent and reduce human/wildlife conflict.

HSHV serves sick and injured wildlife in the Washtenaw County area and provides humane euthanasia to animals who are dangerous or cannot be treated.