One week after I lost my beloved cat of 14 years, Oreo, through my tears I saw a picture of Lemon. My friends and I got in the car and drove to HSHV. Lemon came right up to me at the front of the cage and didn’t give my other two friends the time of day. She was the one for me. My friend asked me if I wanted to look around more. I said “no” and headed to the front desk to adopt Lemon. (3-25-24) I was prepared to give Lemon (now called Ana) weeks to adjust. After 30 minutes of looking over my small apartment she wanted on my lap! I knew I had chosen well. Ana is an explorer. Everyday she gets more courageous. Within 2 weeks she was climbing the cat tower and using the scratching post. (That was a tough one to teach. After the 3rd scratching post we got it right!) I just love her. She’s funny, eats like a horse, and comes when she is called. She sleeps on the end of the bed on the blanket I told her was hers on day one. On laundry day recently, I grabbed her blanket and put a different one (a clean one) down on the bed. She pushed that one off the bed and waited until HERS came out of the dryer. She’s a funny girl. I still miss my Oreo, but Ana is helping to dry the tears and making me laugh often. I just love her. Thank you HSHV.

Lemon now Ana