May 28th, 2021 is 1 year since I adopted Lettie from HSHV. I had to put one of my cats to sleep in April 2020 and my other cat seemed very lonely. I remember seeing Lettie’s listing and thinking she was so cute there was no way someone wouldn’t immediately adopt her.

I kept her in mind, but there was another cat at a different rescue I had been thinking about applying for who had been up for adoption for 2 years. That cat ended up getting adopted the next day, so I immediately went and checked to see if Lettie was still available. She was, so I applied for her and was so surprised when I heard back from HSHV saying I could schedule an appointment to come meet her.

After meeting her, I fell in love and she came home with me. She gets along so well with my other cat and they are always playing together. She is a handful but I am so grateful for the last year with her.