In March 2020, as I was packing my office equipment to take home because of the lockdown, a coworker told me that I should look into adopting a dog “as a companion for the end of the world, like in that Will Smith movie.” He mentioned that HSHV is just a few miles away from our office.

So, I checked the website every few days until I saw Letty’s profile. I saw that Letty was hyperactive and reactive towards other dogs, and could use some training in the future. Drawn to the underdog, I decided to adopt her. She was quite the challenge during her first few days at home, but she eventually calmed down. As soon as some of the restrictions were lifted, we signed up for private training as well as the Reactive Rover classes at HSHV. I learned that Letty really loves food and highly trainable! These days, she likes to take naps at our home office and enjoys walks, car rides, watching TV, and meeting new people. She is also quite the snuggler! With all the training and behavioral help, she is also now able to play with other dogs at doggy daycare. I was told that she is “really fond of this other lab named Jake.” Mhmm.

I am glad I stuck with Letty during her adjustment period, and got all the help we needed to help her thrive. She has proven to be a great “companion for the end of the world” and beyond! I am glad that HSHV gives dogs like her a chance, even if it’s the third, fourth, or fifth one.