In August of 2014, while working a volunteer shift at HSHV, I came across a young male Siamese mixed kitty. He was very vocal in the cage, so I paid him a visit. His name was Loki, and I fell instantly in love with him. Loki was a kitten at the shelter when he was adopted, but a year and half later the family brought him back which turned into my good fortune. A year before, I had lost our Tuxedo girl kitty to old age and it took a year for before I was ready to add another kitty to our family of 2 cats; one of them being Remy from story #1.

Loki fit in quickly with the family and became best buds with Indy. They played, wrestled and chased each other around the house. So when Indy passed away in Feb 2018, I could tell that Loki missed having a companion fellow kitty to romp around with. Enter Toby into our lives. Read about Toby in A “tail” of three cats, Story #3.