I had recently lost my 15 year old Siamese cat Chai to lymphoma and was heartbroken. My son and I decided, after almost 2 months without having a little fur ball in our home, that we wanted to adopt another cat. Little did we know we would end up with not one, but two. First we adopted Lucia. Soon after bringing her home we noticed she was exhibiting signs of being taken away from her mom and litter way too early, and upon reading about this I saw that sometimes having another cat to bond with helps this behavior. So, we decided to adopt a second kitten. Lucia was only 8 weeks old and we adopted another kitten who was 6 months old from the Michigan Humane Society. They were best buds almost from day one. They quickly have bonded and love each other. They play, groom and sleep together. We couldn’t be more happy with having these two sweet kitties in our home.