When my beloved Hannah (Golden Retriever) died in 2011, I knew I wanted another one eventually. She was my second GR, and I loved their personality and how smart and intuitive they are. So, I started looking. Of course, one of my favorite places to check was HSHV. I checked several times. My granddaughter came with me a couple of times…my son as well.

One day as I was strolling through, I found a little blonde dog leaning up against her cage. So sad and so afraid and so alone. I immediately asked about her and found out she was a stray. The Humane Society wasn’t sure what breed she was but were pretty sure she was at least part American Cocker Spaniel. Well, that wasn’t exactly a Golden Retriever. However, she was exactly the same color as my Hannah. She had several health concerns, but the staff and doctors took excellent care of her and she was on her way to a new chapter! My son came back to check her out and we both agreed after taking her out for a walk, etc. that she was exactly what we wanted.

Well, 7 years plus and Wrigley is still with us and she makes us laugh, smile and appreciate her more every day! Oh, and after she had a chance to grow out her hair and let the groomer pamper her a few times, she is most definitely an American Cocker Spaniel! No doubt!


Macalla now Wrigley