We had talked about adopting a dog for awhile, and in September of 2021 we finally took the plunge to look at the Love Train dogs knowing we would inevitably come back with one. We have three cats and are pretty low-key, so wanted to find a dog who wasn’t too rambunctious and would fit in well with our family (and ideally one who wouldn’t chase our cats around the house). As we passed by all the puppies and dogs in the cages, we came across one puppy who was sitting far back in the corner of his crate, not looking at anyone, so of course we fell in love with the shy puppy who, ultimately, turned out to not be so shy. We like to say he “bamboozled” us.

Clifton, formerly Marcasite, became a spoiled member of our family right away. His love of cheese, nap-time, and expressive face made him fit into our family right away. We’re not sure of his history in his first 4 months as a boy from Tennessee, but now he’s a loved member of this Michigan family and we’re so happy we adopted him two years ago. Here’s to many more gotcha days, birthdays, and celebrations with our Cliffy boy.

Marcasite now Clifton