After our 14-year-old black lab rescue died, we gave away our dog beds. We were heartbroken. A few months later, we started looking for dogs to adopt. We met Mareth and Garet, two 10-month old German Shepherd mixes, at HSHV. They had been chained to a fence and abandoned for three days with no food. So sad! When we first met, Mareth and Garet were nervous and sweet. We couldn’t adopt the dogs because we were going on vacation. While on vacation, we thought they had been adopted. We were disappointed. We called anyway. Good news! The dogs were available. We adopted them the day after we returned. Ginger and Max have filled our home and hearts with love. They are siblings who love to play and cuddle together and with us. They have taken well to their 2 cat rescue sisters. With love, routine, training, and time, the dogs are calmer and truly happy.

Mareth and Garet, now Ginger and Max