So glad I found this site.

I hated Maizie’s breed. I’ve only been bitten and annoyed by small dogs. I walked right past her. The friend I was with said, “How about this one?” Me: “I hate yippy yappy football dogs.” The HSHV employee said, “She’s actually a sweet girl. Try her.”

I decided since the dog I “wanted” was already adopted, I’d give Martha a chance.

It was hot. I sat down outside. She jumped into my lap and never left my arms. We had some hyperactive issues, some poo pee issues, some separation anxiety issues. Now, she has become my best friend and vice versa.

Maizie can fetch, sit, shake paw, lie down, and do what I call “STOP” for behaviors such as doing something dangerous or unhealthy. She travels well. And she loves all people and animals except squirrels, birds, and white men in white t-shirts who are smoking. She is so gentle with my elderly mother but an amazing energetic ball of wonder with those who can play with her such.

Maizie is my best friend in the world. True love. True forever couple. We rescued each other!


Martha now Maizie