We have our 9 month old husky mix, Ozzi, from the 11/1/19 love train. Ozzi is very energetic and social, and we had been working hard to train him. I have always wanted two dogs, and adopting a puppy was on our to-do list. We heard that a Love Train was coming through, but when we hopped online to look at the puppies, we saw Mel. As soon as we saw her photo we knew she was coming home with us.

We were told she had some behavioral problems, and we found out she had been returned to HSHV several times. It broke our heart to hear her story. Now she is just a dream. I think she just needed her pack; her mom, dad, and brother. Melody and Ozzi play with each other nonstop. They are absolute best friends and are already nearly inseparable. We have been taking Melody on hikes, showing her how to play in the water, and Ozzi has been really teaching her how to “dog” again. She is a lovely, sweet, mindful girl and our Ozzi has been so amazing about sharing his space with her. We are so happy we found her. She has finally found her forever-home.

Mel now Melody