I’m a lifelong dog lover. Never hated cats, but they didn’t move me the way dogs do. Well, all that changed in the late 90’s!

Too many years of landlords with “No Dogs Allowed” policies made me pet-starved to the point I just wanted a mammal I could have and love. I still had requirements: short hair, preferably more quiet, and a male. I had a love for black dog breeds so I wanted same in a cat, but the short hair and not really “yowly” was more important than looks.

Number One thing, though? For me, as dog lover I wanted a very affectionate and responsive cat. I was lucky and not only found the traits I sought, but also a Black Bombay shorthair kittyboy at HSHV. When I got him, he was only 6 months old and getting over some early troubles, but I set about loving him and training him like a dog…LOL. All my friends thought I was crazy but I ended up with THE best cat EVER! Trained like a dog, but as smart and yes, psychic as we all know cats can be. He was my fur-kid for 17 years till he passed away and in all that time, while I paid people to take care of him whenever I was gone for more than a day or two, my friends would vie to be the one to take care of him. I miss him still. The HSHV people are so great and on a mission, and I really respect all the wonderful things they have accomplished for pets and animal awareness in our area!