My husband and I got married in 2017, and we each had a dog. His was a German Shepherd (Lanyi) that our whole family adored, including my dog who was two years younger than her. We lost Lanyi suddenly in September of 2019. We were all devastated, especially my husband who’d had her for 12 years. My dog would walk around the house and look for her and just stay sad all the time. It was awful!

On Halloween, one of my Facebook friends shared a post of the Love Train puppies available the next day. I convinced my husband just to “go look.” He made me promise that if we didn’t find the right one for us, we would not get one. I agreed. We were number 26 in line and we thought surely we wouldn’t get a puppy, if there were 25 families looking before us. But then it was our turn. Dolly was in the back of her cage, behind her much more vocal brother. We asked to see her and it was all over! I went in the play area with her and she immediately started chewing on my shoe laces and bottle of water. My husband took a turn hanging out with her and we were both enamored! I loved kissing her soft ears. We brought her home and she fit right into our family. She also filled the hole that losing Lanyi had left in our hearts. She is silly, sweet, and most importantly, she loves us like we love her!

Minerva now Dolly