In March 2018, we had to say goodbye to our elderly calico after a happy 17.5 years full of naps and food and tummy rubs. Originally, we thought it would take some time before we were ready to open our hearts to another creature. But after a week of the house feeling sad and empty, we made our way to Tiny Lions lounge and adoption Center (HSHV’s cat cafe).

On our second visit there, we spied a minuscule, wide-eyed, giant-tailed, fearless 7-month-old dust-mop hiding behind a door. With a bit of coaxing, she came and licked our hands and graciously allowed us to pet her, and within a few minutes we knew that she would be ours. We brought her home later that week, and after some initial adjustment to having a very different kind of kitty, she became fully part of our family.

We’ve now had her about 3 and a half months and could not be happier with our sweet little Soot Sprite who brings us joy every day. We’ve now just found a companion for her, but that’s another tale (tail)!

Minnie from Tiny Lions now Ishii