Hi, my name is Montie and I’m now 4 years old. I was only 10 months old when my potential adopters who are now my mom and dad visited me at HSHV. We went for a walk and I was SUCH a good boy and showed them how perfect I could be on walks. I even sat at the kennel door just leaning on the cage and acted so calm waiting for them. When we went for a walk, I just sat down in front of them and starred up at them. That sold them quickly. I was so glad they decided to adopt me. On the way home, I just slept the whole way, like a good boy.

But let me tell you what! When I got home, they didn’t know what hit them! I ran zoomies in the back yard, in the house, and everywhere I could and I’ve never stopped! I was such a good boy to hold in my high energy until the right moment! Woo! I’m still an only child, but one day I may get a sibling who can keep up with me. Wait… maybe that’s why I’m still an only child??