Muzzles aren’t just for “dangerous dogs.” Any dog could potentially bite if they are injured, in pain, not feeling well, or scared. All dog owners should consider having a well-fitting, comfortable muzzle on hand, and should proactively train their dog to be happy and comfortable wearing it. This can usually be easily done, especially with the help of some spray cheese!

Hopefully, the muzzle will never be needed, but if something does happen, everyone will be glad that this safety tool can be easily put on, without causing additional stress to the dog.

Muzzles also have other uses, such as preventing a dog with pica from eating inappropriate objects on walks, or preventing a dog from bothering an injury or hot spot, allowing for a break from the dreaded “cone.” Basket muzzles such as the Baskerville Ultra are designed to stay on securely and provide protection, while also being comfortable to the dog and allowing them to pant.

A good tutorial on muzzle training is here:

If all goes well, this may be a skill that you never need, but in an emergency, you and your dog will be glad you took the time and effort to do it!