My boyfriend was moving into his dad’s house and leaving behind his dog, who was his best friend, at his mom’s house – only because she wouldn’t let the dog come with. We went on a whim to a different humane society but they didn’t have puppies, so we went to HSHV. Before we arrived we looked online and found no puppies, but when we got there we had many different options. We went down the puppy room and there she was, sitting in her cage alone. My boyfriend bent down to pet her and she basically wrapped her arms around him. So we got her out and played with her. And he fell in love with her. She would run and lick us and couldn’t pick just one person to be next to. So over course we had to adopt her because it was essentially love at first sight! Fast forward to today, she is such a daddy’s girl. She always has to be around him or go see what he’s doing. Where he goes, she goes. If she doesn’t know where he is then she has to go find him. She has to be with her dad always. But she saved me from a dark place and changed our lives for the better. I couldn’t imagine a life without her and am so grateful for her.

Mystic now Dixie