My boyfriend and I adopted Nibbler a few months ago. When we first met him, he was so shy around people and was hiding from them. We walked by him, and he came running out to us just, wanting to play. It was love at first sight.

He wasn’t what we were looking for when we walked in, but when we met him there was no way we couldn’t take him home. He’s our baby boy now. He turned a year old in June and is just becoming more himself with age. He’s spoiled rotten and well-loved. Nibbler brings joy to everyone he sees; I could never imagine my life without him in it.

The nine hours we spent in the car before the shelter opened waiting to adopt him was well worth it; even with the dead car battery, there was no way we were going to miss the chance of adding Nibbler to our family. He’s the best baby boy ever. Even when he doesn’t want to listen, he’s still amazingly cute and is still always the cutest dog around. We are grateful for every day we get to spend with him and can’t be more thankful that we found him that day.