Dear HSHV,

In September of 2021 we came to the shelter looking for a kitty friend to adopt. Well, while we weren’t expecting to fall in love with two older cats. They have completed our family perfectly. I can’t imagine life without my fur babies, they are my best friends and I absolutely adore them. Peanut is almost 13 and still runs around wanting to play all day long. Violet is almost 11 and follows me around the apartment, yelling at me to pick her up and give her attention. They are the most gentle, loving and easygoing cats I have ever met and I’m endlessly grateful to have them in my life.
I wanted to share our story with you in the hopes to encourage others not to be afraid of adopting older friends. They need loving homes just as much as young animals, and they have a harder time finding that due to their old age.
Thanks for reading and for connecting me with my kitty soulmates ❤️🐾😊