After thinking about getting a cat for a while, I decided to visit HSHV just to look. I just wanted to meet a few cats and get an idea of what I was looking for in a cat. I met Boogie (formerly Puddles) right away, and he stole my heart. Even in the shelter, he was sweet and playful and we spent 20 minutes playing and snuggling on our first meeting.

He has FLUTD, and I was concerned about having a cat with health issues as the first cat I have ever owned. But I could not stop thinking about him, and I knew I could give him a loving home. I had not planned on adopting a cat so quickly, but I adopted Boogie the weekend after meeting him. Since then he has flourished in his new home! Boogie is my lookout and protector, and he loves looking out my windows on his perch and laying at the foot of my bed during the night. He is incredibly curious, playful, and silly, and he makes me laugh every day! He is also very snuggly, and the highlight of my day is having him sit in my lap and nuzzle my hands for more pets. All of my worries about adopting him have vanished; he is the best and sweetest boy. He is such a great companion. I love him so much and we are very happy together!

Puddles now Boogie