Eleven years ago this little man, Uffda, came home with me as a young adult. He’d been living at the shelter for 3 months – long enough for HSHV to offer a very deep discount on the adoption fee. Why he was surrendered and how come no one adopted him before I met him, I may never know – but I’m the lucky one now! Very lucky, that is.

He’s caring and affectionate when he’s not hamming it up somewhere. He was (and still is) “my rock” when things went crazy for me in the couple of years before he and I moved to Massachusetts. He kept me from getting overly bored during the worst of the pandemic. I was told he may not get along with other cats, but he is very fond of his adopted brother (from another humane society). His health is still perfect. His strength is legendary (he loves working out on the scratching posts and playing hard). I hope he can stay with me for many more years.