Yes, I’m talking about Uffda (formerly Puma).

Later this month it will be 13 years since this one from HSHV moved in with me and in some ways it still feels as if it all happened just 13 days ago. He and I both knew we were meant for each other when we met, something that gets reaffirmed every single day. He was incredibly quick to make himself at home, sleeping on my bed the first night and every night since then.

So here he is, at least 14 years old and possibly as old as 16 years old, still living up to his name as a kitten at heart, still getting zoomies with his feline roommate (another black cat from another humane society), still keeping the faces of me and the other cat squeaky clean. He had his well-kitty checkup at the vet over the summer and he still hasn’t developed any chronic issues. The bottom line is he is the classic case of a lucky black cat making a human incredibly lucky with his love and affection.

Puma now Uffda