We were about a year out from when we lost my cat Nelson, and I was devastated by the loss. My other cat, Bogart, was noticeably sad and lonely as well. Our household felt empty, and though Bogart liked the extra cuddles, he missed playing with his big brother, Nelson.

I decided that I would go to the humane society to look at cats, but my heart was so heavy, I was sure I wouldn’t find anyone to bring home. I wasn’t even in the cat rooms yet, when I walked past a little cage and a paw flew out to grab my shirt. I looked inside to see a little, tiny kitty with huge eyes and big ears. I asked to play with her, and she took to me right away. I still wasn’t sure though because like I said my heart was feeling very heavy and I wasn’t sure I was ready.

I went and looked at the kitties in the cat room, but in the back of my mind the little kitty in the cage was reaching for me so I told myself if she wasn’t adopted by the time I got out of the cat room I would talk to staff about her. I came out, and I looked at her little piece of paper on the outside of her cage and it said her birthday was August 22nd. That is my birthday as well! It was fate. I took her home, and she and her brother have been inseparable ever since. Bogart isn’t lonely anymore, and Penny Lane has filled our home and lives with so much love! Thank you, HSHV, for keeping her safe until she could join our family!!


Raimi now Penny Lane