I’ve always loved cats, but it took a few years after my beloved cat Chester passed away until I felt like I was ready to adopt again. I made many visits to HSHV looking for just the right cat. The staff and volunteers were very patient with me as I searched for a cat that I clicked with in a way I couldn’t quite explain. When I first saw Maggie she was in one of the large rooms up front. She locked eyes with me and then rolled over and showed me her fuzzy belly and I was instantly smitten. I put her on hold and came back a few days later with my boyfriend so we could visit with her, then I adopted her and we took her home.

Maggie made herself at home almost instantly. She spent her first night in our house walking between my boyfriend and me, butting her head up against us and kneeding our legs. A year later, Maggie still always wants to be where her people are. If you sit down on the couch, she will almost immediately jump up onto your lap, curl up, and trap you there. She sleeps between my feet most nights and somehow can hog an entire queen-sized bed. She especially enjoys toys that skitter across the wood floor, and she has trained us to fetch her little cloth mouse for her when she knocks it under the closet door or beneath a piece of furniture (which is often). She enjoys running up and down the stairs at breakneck speed and loves looking out the windows at leaves and birds.

Maggie is affectionate, playful, and has tons of personality. I’ll never love another cat exactly the way I loved Chester, but I still love Maggie just as much. She makes every day a little happier and I’m so glad she’s in my life.