After losing our senior bullmastiff rescue, we felt inspired to save another old dog from wasting away without a family. They have so much love to give and deserve ours!

Red was scared, anxious and body handling sensitive when we took him home. He had been in and out of the shelter for a long time, eventually abandoned by his owner. After he was home, we realized it seemed he hadn’t known the comforts of a soft bed or pile of blankets to call his own. It took him a while to feel safe with us but he eventually opened up and let us love him. Now he’s the best couch hippo snuggle buddy and enjoys a gentle rub down. He loves walks, playing tug games, and can’t get enough of Greek yogurt! He may not have many teeth but he’s got an appetite.

Red is a great boy, and we are proud to be his family for the rest of his life. We just celebrated his 14th birthday! We hope this inspires someone else to adopt a senior. They are the best and I assure you, they make the inevitable heartbreak worth it.