In April 2020, we adopted Riley. She was 103 pounds, had bald spots the vet didn’t think would grow back and she was suffering from allergies. She loved to walk, however she was tuckered out after one mile. For the first few months, Riley was at the vet every few weeks for allergies and infections from constant licking.

Flash forward one year later.. Riley is 80ish pounds, her coat is healthy, her hair grew back and with the help of some homeopathic remedies, her allergies are under control. Riley can now walk for miles and recently went on a 3 mile run. Now that she has energy, she loves to play, squeak her toys and fetch her stick. She was previously trained to not go on furniture, so she happy she is allowed to lounge on the couch.

It has been fun to watch Riley transform into a happy, goofy, vocal (she talks and howls) pup. She is loved and has her humans wrapped around her paws