My partner and I used to visit HSHV at least once a week to see all the animals, and we had been thinking about getting a cat for a while, but wanted to wait till we found the right cat for us. One day we went as usual and we didn’t have any intention of coming home with a pet that day, but when we saw Ronaldo (now Link) in his cage we instantly knew he’d be ours! He was the sweetest boy from the very beginning, allowing lots of pets and wanting to play. All of the staff were wonderful with helping us start the adoption process, and everyone was gushing about how sweet of a cat he was! I knew we made the right choice and we were so excited to welcome him home!

The day we brought him home I was expecting him to be a little nervous and hesitant, but he made himself at home so quickly! He instantly made a spot for himself under our bed and always wanted to play. Now, we’ve had him for about 5 months and he’s the best cat ever! He loves snuggles, and has a very loud purr. He’s very affectionate and often climbs across whatever we are doing to ask for pets! He has his favorite toys (one of them being a crinkly pickle full of catnip) and he loves feathers!

Adopting from HSHV has always been a lovely experience. My family has adopted from them many times and now I’m adopting living on my own! Bringing Link into our family has been the best decision ever!🩷🐾

Ronaldo now Link