My husband and I just got married back in October 2016. We’d moved into our new house, and we really wanted to add a little fur member to our little family. We both agreed we wanted to adopt because we love animals so much and see so many are in need of homes it breaks our hearts.

So in early February on a Friday night, my husband found one black and tan coonhound which we loved. So I told him I would go the next day and check her out. I drove 2 hours just to see her to find out she was adopted. Despite that, I decided to fill out the paper work and see what other puppies they had. I was able to go into the puppy section to find not only one coonhound, but a whole litter. I was so excited. One employee asked me if I was interested, I said yes, and she said that all were adopted besides one and that is because he was brought back THAT MORNING!! I was able to take him into a small room for a one-on-one, and I fell in love. I sent a picture to my husband (he wasn’t with me), and he fell in love with him, too. I was sold! Now, almost a whole year later, we are so happy to have Ronin in our family. I still can not believe how lucky I was that day!